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Thank you for another exciting tournament!


The Columbus Cup

October 11-13, 2014


Photos of the 2014 Champions can be found here !


10/17/2014 -- We've had lots of positive feedback about Columbus Cup 2014! Here's what people are saying:

"Another great tournament!! Thanks for making it happen for all of us in a professional and fun way (I know it takes lots of planning). Take care & see you soon." -- Kevin

"Simply put, great organization and tournament. We will be back even stronger next year, if not at Vegas. Thank you." --Homa

"Many thanks. The tournament was terrific and well managed by you and your team (as usual) As we travel such a long way it is sometimes difficult to finalize names and numbers. Thanks for your help. My next email will be about Las Vegas." -- Steve

"Just wanted to say Thank You for putting on another top-notch tournament. Your effort and detail do not go unnoticed by the Cartel. You can automatically sign us up for Casa Grande every year, we love that place.(keep my CC on file) Even though the 40s didn’t enjoy the splendors of victory, we still had an excellent time. I think the whole atmosphere and interaction with other teams/clubs is great. We got to hang-out with a lot of the teams this year, saw and talked to a few at the airport too. From our family to yours, thanks again, enjoy your short rest before you ramp-up for Vegas." -- Karl

"Great job and another great tournament. I am looking forward to Las Vegas. North Dallas 40 is placing 3 teams in this year. Thanks again guys!" -- Scott

"Great tournament, Alex.....thanks for everything. Cheers!" -- Mark

"THANK YOU! We all had a great time in Casa Grande. Winning our championship put the icing on the cake but the hard-fought journey makes it all worthwhile! We have such a good time together as a group and have pictures and memories that will last a long time. Thanks again" -- Scott

"Coming from Canada, we found that the temperatures were a bit hot – I hope you can arrange for lower temperatures next year. I suppose snow would be difficult to manage, but we’d settle for a rainy Arctic breeze. Seriously – a fabulous time, very well organized and some scary-good teams" -- Iain


10/14/2014 -- What a great weekend of soccer!  The Columbus Cup 2014 was an incredible event.  I want to thank everyone that participated in making this one of the most enjoyable tournaments I’ve ever had the privilege of being involved in.  One of the highlights for me was having all eight teams involved in consolation matches show up and aggressively compete for victory.  We played over 133 games of soccer over a 3-day period.  The sportsmanship was some of the best I’ve seen in twelve years. 

A very special thanks to my wife, Jenn Trettin, and to Lori Lewis for hosting an awesome Team Manager’s Reception party on Friday night.  Grande Sports World did a great job with the fields.  The soccer pitches at the Francisco Grande were in remarkable shape yet again.  Accolades to their grounds crew for providing world class pitches.  I was also really happy with the officiating.  Thank you to the referee crew coming from Phoenix, Tucson, Mexicali and Las Vegas.  Muchas gracias.

The competition was fierce this year.  With teams coming from all over the US and Canada, I witnessed some of the best squads in North America.  Even the UK stepped up and presented the Cockney Rebels straight out of London.  Thank you all for coming together from across the globe to make this a great tournament.  It is not possible for every team to win the cup, and I know that every team that did had to work their asses off to do so.

In the 35 and over division, there was a brutal fight between the South Bay All Stars and Tucson United.  After an 88th minute equalizer leading to PK’s, Tucson United came away victorious, but not without a lot sweat and toil playing back to back matches.  In the 40 and over division, the second year experiment of 1 day of match play with 18 teams followed by 2 days of play-offs with 6 team groups yielded some thrilling match ups.  

In the finals of 40 and over Group A, we saw Kosmos United from New York go toe to toe with The Nomads out of Southern California.  In a classic tale of East vs. West, tempers flared when the Nomads keeper reacted to an aggressive foul by The Kosmos’ striker.  Both players were ejected with red cards.  The Nomads were able to come out victorious. 

In over 40 Group B, The Fort Collins Football Club lost to the Californian team OC Spurs in another dead even match that resulted in a PK shoot out.  What an incredible turnout for the OC Spurs Club with 3 teams in 3 separate divisions.

The 40 and over group C was about as equal a contest as I have ever witnessed, if not for an embarrassing red card for one team in the playoffs, it would have had to come down to a coin toss to decide which team moved forward to the final match.  And what a match it turned out to be.  As balanced as a fine tuned race car.  This match also had to be decided by PK’s with the boys from Calgary capturing first place and Santa Fe United taking second.

The 48 and over division brought another OC Spurs team to the playoffs, but the final was a head-to-head matchup between FTI out of Seattle and Sam Adams Akron from Ohio.  Sam Adams took control of the game and won 3 to nil.

The 55 and over division was narrowly won in PK’s by the defending Champions, Freddy FundSacramento Turn Verein, a newcomer to the tournament, almost provided the greatest upset of the weekend, but the boys in blue were able to prevail.  Last year we went from 4 teams to 9 teams in this group and it yielded some incredible competition. 

The 60 and over group was won by Cosmos in another squeaker that nearly went to PK’s.  The South Bay Old stars gave a good showing and narrowly lost to Cosmos.

Special thanks again to my friend and programming wizard Jeff Leinwand of Sabino Creek Software for his continued support and amazing tournament software. As I said before, thank you again for your attendance, and if you weren’t able to make it, I’ll look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at King Cup 2015 in just 3 short months for another sell out event.


Alex Trettin

Tournament Director, Soccer in Sun


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